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About Us


Smile-Link Sdn Bhd is a company that continually pushes the envelope on sourcing and promoting premium oral care products. We have always had a commitment to dentistry and to good oral health care for the dental professional and the consumer. Our focus is on providing quality products that are better and more effective than what can commonly be found on the market today.


We have collected a selection of excellent oral care products from around the world, many of which were examined and tested scientifically for its efficacy. Moreover, Smile-Link Sdn Bhd works with clinicians and dental practitioners to identify and distribute innovative, high quality products, such as Dentiste, Genesis ProGumCare, DENTALPRO and Dr. Barman’s. The bottom line is, all the products we sell are proven effective, giving out customers value for money.


Our dream is to lead the way in the discovering perfect personal dental care, giving everyone the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve. 

Our History

Our Principle Dental Surgeon, Dr Wong Ruen Yuan established the Smile-Link Dental Group in 2001. From increasing demand from patients, he decided to introduce internationally-known dental care products to the Malaysian market. With his professional expertise, Dr Wong managed to source various effective and user-friendly products from across the globe.


In 2004, Smile-Link Sdn Bhd was incorporated to effectively acquire and distribute premium brands for dental healthcare. Our team of enthusiastic sales and support staff are dedicated in providing excellent sales, service and support in and around the country.


To date, we have four quality brands of oral care products under our company. Our distribution covers selected dental clinics and major pharmacies across Malaysia. With increasing interest in online purchasing, and to widen our consumer market, we have also an established webstore to cater for online shoppers. 

Smile-Link Dental Group Website:

Our Guarantees

Quality Assurance


At Smile-Link Sdn Bhd, we are committed in providing our consumers and retail customers with the best premium products on the market today. We maintain quality excellence by incorporating technical know-how from our panel of dental practitioners and customer feedback in the product improvement process. The product range that we distribute are all scientifically proven and certified to international standards to ensure their quality.


This is indicative of our brand promise of uncompromising obligation to provide the highest quality products to our clientele. 

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