Genesis ProGumCare Toothpaste 120g

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New Launch: Genesis ProGumCare Toothpaste – A Daily Relief and Prevention of Dental Sensitivity

Why is Genesis ProGumCare Toothpaste different from other toothpaste?

Specially formulated with Allantoin, recognised for their natural benefits of preventing tissue damage and accelerating its restoration. Genesis ProGumCare Toothpaste do not contain fluoride and SLS, ideal for to prevent dental plaque accumulation and provide long- term protection against gum problems. It addresses the early signs of sensitive gums and gingivitis and prevents gum disease recurrence.

Do you know that ordinary toothpaste contains abrasive agents that “scrub- away” unhealthy plague and damages the healthy enamel from your teeth? Unfortunately, once healthy enamel is damaged, it cannot be naturally regenerated.

Good oral hygiene is the best prevention against gingivitis and plaque build up. Brushing and flossing the teeth properly is essential for your dental care, but it is not enough:

Genesis ProGumCare Toothpaste supports healthy gums and is non- abrasive to tooth enamel. It strengthens the natural defenses of the mouth to help protect teeth and gums from external aggressions and the natural process of aging. The special formulation revitalises gums and remineralises tooth enamel so that your mouth stays healthy throughout life. 

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