Dentiste' Tongue Cleaner (Brush)

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Product Description of Dentiste' Tongue Cleaner

Halitosis, or bad breath, is caused by sulfurous compounds that are excreted by the bacteria living in your mouth. These compounds evaporate quickly—even in normal temperatures—so the people around you can smell them immediately. To remove them from your mouth, you need to scrape off the bacteria and debris from the back of your tongue with the Dentiste’ Tongue Cleaner.

Toothbrushing is not Enough

While brushing your teeth at least twice a day will remove cavity-causing plaque and give you a whiter smile, it won’t take away your bad breath. You need to use the Dentiste’ Tongue Cleaner to scrape off the bacteria and the sulfurous compounds from your tongue.

How to Use the Dentiste’ Tongue Cleaner

Simply insert this deluxe cleaner into your mouth, with its cleaning section facing down. Then, scrape your tongue’s surface, starting from the back of your mouth moving towards your lips. Afterwards, rinse off the residue from the Dentiste’ Tongue Cleaner and repeat the process several times until you’ve worked over your whole tongue. Then, gargle with the Dentiste’ Oral Rinse mouthwash.

Why It Works

The Dentiste’ Tongue Cleaner has been created from the quality materials that have been molded to fit into your mouth nicely. It doesn’t have any fissures that will cause irritation. It just has a yellow multi-button cleaning section that can effectively scrape your tongue’s surface without hurting you. It also has an elastic superneck to help reach the back of your tongue, as well as a non-slip handle that makes using it a breeze. 

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