Genesis ProGumCare Toothfoam 100ml

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-An Innovative Solution to Abrasive Condition

Toothfoam is the latest innovation in oral hygiene and dental care that achieves maximum cleansing and promotes oral health in one simple solution. Researched and developed by professionals from the USA, this unique formula that comes with innovative multifunction applications is unlike any other. 

Toothfoam consists of a foaming agent made up of countless microscopic bubbles that contain dissolved active ingredients that cleanse without damaging your enamel. Specially formulated with Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Nitrate, both helping to suppress normal bacterial growth and reduce painful sensitivity. Comes with a blend of natural mint, aniseed, cinnamon and eugenol for a long-lasting minty freshness to your breath.

Thus, this allows deep surface penetration between teeth and gums – for maximum cleanliness and oral hygiene. Genesis ProGumCare Toothfoam is non-abrasive, direct and provides immediate effects for wound healing, ulcer healing and general gum care.


How to Use: 

Pump contents directly into mouth and brush teeth as usual. If condition is too painful for brushing, just leave the toothfoam in your mouth, gargle and dispose after 15-20 seconds. 

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