Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste Couple Set 2

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Dentiste' Normal Range:

Dentiste' nighttime toothpaste is clinically proven to help inhibit nighttime bacteria which is a major cause of bad morning breath and other oral diseases, by incorporating natural, antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. Studies reveal that 93% of Dentiste' users experience a decrease in bad breath after the first night of use.

Dentiste' is highly recommended for the following users:

- Those in highly stressful jobs and who have minimal rest time

- Those who are constantly on-the-go and have little time for daily preventive oral care.

- Smoker and coffee and tea drinkers

- Those who need the confidence boost from having fresh breath and healthy teeth

- Medical patients who need hygienic care for their teeth and gums during rehabilitation.

  • Pregnant women who requires extra oral care. 



Why Night-time Toothpaste?

While we sleep...

  • Saliva flows slower than day time, Anaerob bacteria grow very quickly; therefore producing smelly volatile Sulphur compounds.
  • Bacteria and morning bad breath could cause oral problems such as Periodontal Disease, tooth decay, ulcers and etc. 


Why Dentiste’?

Even though we already brush our teeth well with normal toothpastes, we still have bad morning breath. This is because normal toothpastes can not effectively inhibit oral bacteria. Dentiste’ is the only effective Night-time toothpaste that you can feel the difference within the first night of use.



  • 14 Natural Extracts which are naturally antiseptic and antibacteria.
  • Xylitol - Natural taste enhancer, creating unwelcome environment for bacteria
  • CDX(Cyclodextrin Complex) - traps up bad breath effectively
  • Stable Vitamin C from Switzerland helps increase Antibodies for healthy Gums
  • Micronized Silica Complex - Clinically proven to be effective on soothing sensitive teeth

Dentiste' Premium and Natural White Toothpaste

For teeth whitening and eliminating bad breath. 

Contains :

  • 14 Natural Extracts that are naturally antiseptic and antibacteria
  • Premium & Natural White (Nano Whitening Hydroxyapatite) 


  • Whiter teeth
  • Fresh Breath
  • Plague reducing 
  • Prevent Tooth Decaying
  • High Teeth Protection

Visible results in 2 weeks of continuous usage.



1. Can Dentiste' be used during day time?

Dentiste is recommended to be used before bed time because while we are sleeping, our saliva, the natural self-cleaning system, flows slower so oral bacteria will be able to grow rap: Diabetes, Pregnant women etc. 


2. How effective Dentiste' is?

It is provable within just one night after using it that you will wake up with fresh morning breath while regular toothpastes can not do it.


3. Why do we use regular toothpastes and still have bad morning breath?

Regular toothpaste are just able to clean the teeth but can not inhibit night-time bacteria because they are not formulated to use before bedtime. Moreover, regular toothpastes usually have sugar which is the best nutrition for bacteria. But Dentiste is formulated to fight against night-time bacteria effectively as it has:

- 14 natural extracts to kill bacteria

- CDX to trap up bad smell effectively

- it is sugar free, therefore it has no food for bacteria.

4. Is Dentiste' Halal?

Yes, we have obtained a halal certificate in year 2008 when Dentiste' is launched in Malaysia.

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